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A FinTech Revolution at the Dublin Tech Summit

Apr 17, 2018

Pecan is starting a rebellion against how companies do their expenses. 


Pecan is launching at the Dublin Tech Summit 2018, 18th -19th April. 

Just launched

Launching on 18th April at the Dublin Tech Summit, Pecan puts an end to overspending, lost receipts and reimbursements as well as all those hours of filing, submitting and approving that cause massive headaches for employees around the world.


Good news for Irish companies

CEO Nikki Evans says: “With Pecan we are bringing three new concepts to the Irish market: control of your budget, real-time overview of what you are spending and drastic time-savings for employees, managers and finance. Traditional credit card options run the risk of overspend and take time to process transactions, Pecan is totally controlled with instant information on spend directly available. Software options that link to employee cards solve some of these problems, but lack the ability to control the spend, often incurring out-of-pocket payments.”


International ambition

But it’s not just about Ireland, Pecan can be used in 32 million locations globally and the ‘virtual wallets’ can hold Euro and Sterling (with Dollars coming soon). This means those particular international transactions can be in local currency and not subject to fluctuations in the exchange rate.

Nikki goes on to say: “It was very important to us that we create a product that wasn’t just solving one problem, but adding new value as well. By allowing companies to hold different currencies in individual virtual wallets we can help European companies who travel to do business in the UK, and visa versa, offset costs of volatile exchange rates.”

"It goes without saying that the support from Enterprise Ireland has been vital to our development. It's an exciting time for Irish tech and we are so proud to be part of the  new wave of companies who are making our mark in Ireland and beyond." 


How does it work?

Pecan is a company payment card, mobile app and webapp that allows managers, finance teams and cardholders to sync data. It gives a real-time overview of company spending as well as the ability to top-up cards on the go. Controlling budgets, empowering employees and giving companies back valuable hours of time. 




Pecan is owned and operated by PerfectCard DAC. With offices in Wicklow and Galway, PerfectCard DAC was the first Irish company to be given a European e-money licence in 2010, beating even Facebook to the punch.

The Pecan Prepaid Mastercard is issued by PSI-Pay Ltd pursuant to licence by Mastercard International Inc. The e-money associated with the Pecan card is issued by PerfectCard DAC, authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland under the European Union (Payment Services) Regulations 2018 (Ref C95957).


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