Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Pecan? 

Pecan is a company expense solution that includes a prepaid chip & PIN company expense card that can be topped up at your employers’ discretion.  The Pecan expense card is accepted at over 32 million locations worldwide in-store and online and may also be used for ATM cash withdrawals.


Q. Who can subscribe to Pecan and get a Pecan expense card? 

To have a Pecan card you must have a Pecan user license – which can only be purchased by a registered company or sole trader.


Q. How do I activate my Pecan expense card? 

After your company has purchased a Pecan user license you will receive an invitation via email to register an account with  After your account has been registered your card will be activated and you can add your mobile number using 2 step verification.


Q. Do I need a PIN? 

Yes, after you have added your mobile number using 2 step verification (see previous answer) you will be able to request your PIN through your account.  You can also ask for a PIN reminder at any time through your account or via the app.  We recommend you change your PIN at an ATM to something you will remember.


Q. Do you have an app? 

Yes, you can download the Pecan Android or iOs app so you can manage your expenses on the go.  After you make a purchase, take a photo of your receipt and upload it to the app.  You can also choose which company cost code you want the expense to be charged to.


Q. Where can I get my 3D Secure Memorable Word?

Some websites require a Mastercard 3D SecureCode to complete a purchase.  In order to set up a 3D SecureCode of your choosing you will need your Memorable Word, which is automatically assigned by Pecan when you register your card.  Just login to your account and select 3D Secure to retrieve your Memorable Word.  Use this Memorable Word along with your date of birth, and the CVV number on your card to create a 3D SecureCode which you will use going forwards when required online.  Once you have set your 3D SecureCode you will no longer need your Memorable Word.


Q. What do I do if my card is lost or stolen? 

You can report your card lost or stolen by simply logging into your account, and hit the ‘Replace’ button.  Your card will be blocked immediately and a replacement card sent out to you.  Can’t go on-line? Call 1850 596 496, select the option to report your card lost, enter your card number and your card will be blocked immediately and a replacement card sent out to you. Temporarily misplaced as opposed to definitely lost your card? You can ‘suspend’ it until it turns up. This will prevent any transactions happening until you reactivate your card.


Q. How do I cancel my subscription? 

If for any reason your company decides to cancel their subscription any remaining funds, less an administration fee of €10 per user license will be returned to your company’s bank account. Please contact your Account Manager to arrange this.   


Q. How do I contact customer support? 

You can email us at .  Phone us on 1850 496 496 and you can check your balance or block your card 24/7.  You can also request a call back.  Our customer service team are available Mon-Fri 9am – 5.30pm. 

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