Make expenses easier for everyone

Pecan is designed to make life easier for managers, employees and finance.

Managers have greater control

Pecan helps managers spend their budget more effectively by offering Pecan company cards to employees, instead of company credit cards. 

  • Up-to-the-minute view of spend, budget and remaining funds
  • Approve or decline top-ups on employee cards
  • Create spend limitations or deactivate lost or stolen cards
  • Comparison breakdown of different categories of spend


Finance team can access one-click data

Pecan's real-time reporting works for finance teams by giving them an overview of all company wallets and cards

  • View company spending in real time
  • View breakdown in categories on the dashboard
  • View reports on all expenditure or filter by category, currency, date and more
  • Export expense file and merge with existing account package
  • Add Sterling or Euro to your wallet and avoid currency fluctuations when cardholders travel


Employees have more freedom

Using Pecan  means you don't have to wait for business credit cards transactions to become available before you can match receipts. And no more using personal debit cards for company expenses. 

  • Spend Pecan at 32 million locations worldwide, including online
  • Match receipts as funds are spent, on-the-go through the app
  • View their spending and balance
  • Request top-ups
  • Get PIN reminder
  • Request replacement card
  • Set up secure account two-step verification for extra peace of mind


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