Happiness works

We create neat financial tools for companies who want a happier workforce.

The origins of Pecan were way back in 2007 when we created our first card solution for the consumer market. Since 2010 we have focussed on business products that can make a positive impact on how people work. Our mission: to create hassle-free products which are both cloud-based and in your hand to make life easier for everyone.

Our founding principal is at the heart of what we do. We make happiness part of the working day to create an environment where good ideas grow. That way, we ensure the ongoing ingenuity and true helpfulness of our products, as well as the happiness of our team.

Pecan is a product of PerfectCard DAC and PerfectCard DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. PerfectCard is already well versed in handling customer card solutions:

  • 294,000 cards issued in 2017
  • 40Million loaded on cards
  • Cards were spent in over 109 countries.
  • 85,000 registered cardholders on our portal

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